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Loft Insulation


We offer a wide range of insulation measures suitable for loft insulation for both domestic homes and commercial properties nationwide.

Loft insulation is usually rolled out fibreglass quilt and can be supplied and fitted in varying thicknesses.

Current government recommendations are for loft insulation to achieve a depth of between 250mm and 270mm(10 to 11") but some older properties are upping their thermal efficiency in line with new to a thickness or depth of 300mm (12"). Again, as long as the loft has adequate ventilation, this is fine. You may lose a little storage space but you will save money!


Over the years, we have found common loft installation installs to be 150mm (6") top up where 100mm (4") is already present between the ceiling joists, then the 150mm laid 90 degrees perpendicular / cross laid to the existing.

Some older properties may have had only 2, 3 or 4" installed when built in the 1960s, 70s or 80s that may have sagged to a depth that is not really very efficient. In these instances, a 250mm (100mm + 150mm) install is a good way to bring the loft insulation up to a decent standard. 

Blown Loft Insulation

Sometimes it is not always possible to roll out traditional fibreglass loft quilt, particularly if the roof construction has many timbers, trusses or cross members preventing decent access for the installer or the loft roll material.

Other obstacles include small loft hatch that is barely possible for a small person to fit through, or roofs that have low pitch with little headroom inside the loft space, or even inaccessible off-shot extensions that are virtually impossible to get into.

This is where our blown loft insulation machine comes into play - as long as our installer can gain some access, the insulation can be blown in all directions to the required thickness or depth via a 50mm (2") blowing hose.

Occasionally, we have jobs where there is no loft hatch or access to the roof space and we have insulated from above by lifting several roof tiles and blowing in from outside. These tend to be lean too extensions or ground floor off shots.

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