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Cavity wall insulation extraction

Is your property suffering with damp issues?

Do you think these might be caused by poorly or inappropriately installed cavity wall insulation?

Then look no further as we offer a free no obligation survey and detailed report if required.

We are approved specialists in the removal of defective cavity wall insulation.

Operating throughout the UK we are committed to resolving the issues your property is facing, we have an in depth knowledge of full fill cavity wall solutions and the wider insulation sector together with extensive experience of differing types of cavity wall insulation.

Most importantly our experience means we understand the issues and problems faced when cavity wall insulation has been inappropriately or poorly installed, we are able to qualify and understand the scale of work required by using the latest inspection equipment and our detailed survey procedures.

We will complete a detailed survey including the use of our boroscope inspection cameras. Following our inspection we will discuss our findings with you, show you what we can see in the wall and where appropriate discuss the problems your cavity wall insulation is causing.

If your property does need to have the cavity wall insulation extracted we will then use the latest extraction equipment which has been built specifically for this process.

Our trained operatives will ensure we carry out our work with the minimum disruption possible, our procedures are fully explained before any work commences, health and safety is always paramount and our site specific risk assessments ensure we never carry out any work unless it is absolutely safe to do so.

We use a more powerful compressor that facilitates the removal of fewer bricks which is less disruptive to the outer leaf; whether it be brick, block or render finish.

The powerful compressor (180cfm) pushes more air into the cavity which forces the old material down to the extraction points where the brick is removed. Because of the extra airflow the material can travel further - meaning on average we can remove 4 or 5 fewer bricks on an average job.

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Damp problems are the main reason customers call us for cavity wall insulation removal.

It is usually caused by poorly maintained exterior brickwork, severe exposure to wind and rain, lack of protection from other buildings and trees, or a combination of the three.

This graphic from shows the areas in the United Kingdom that are exposed to the wind and rain and potentially more at risk to their cavity wall insulation causing damp problems.

It has four different levels of exposure zones which indicate the approximate amount of wind driven rain which the building may be subject to.

Published guidance by the Building Research Establishment says that in these cases there is ‘an increased risk of rain penetration if a cavity is fully filled with insulation’.

Rain could penetrate the outer wall, bridge the cavity via the insulation material and transfer moisture to internal walls, causing damp.

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