Advantages of bonded bead vs blown fibre

Polypearl bonded bead cavity wall insulation has many advantages over blown fibre type insulations:

  • 70% less drilling - Meaning less rubble falling into the cavity  from the back of the brick during drilling. Rubble in the cavity is not good and can cause unnecessary damp issues.

  • Less disruption to the face of the brick with far fewer holes meaning a much better aesthetic appearance and virtually invisible drill pattern.

  • Polypearl 'powerpack' lancing drilling option available for difficult access walls or if the 'no drill' effect is required - useful on decorative or smooth face engineering bricks.

  • Our product is water proof - So even if water was to ingress the cavity from a leaking gutter, flood water or faulty plumbing etc, it will not affect the insulation as water will pass through and drain as normal. With fibre you run the risk of it becoming saturated, slumping to the bottom of the cavity and never being able to dry out thus causing constant damp problems.

  • Better thermal resistance of 0.033 R in K/W and consistent density. Blown fibre starts as a bale or slab of material and is processed in the installing vehicle in a blowing machine that has many moving wearable parts and constantly wearing neoprene seals in the rotating processor. 

    • ​​​This is very prone to operator and machine error and has to be constantly monitored to achieve correct densities. 

  • Bonded bead is manufactured at the factory under strict quality control and the density cannot be altered by the installer to speed up the job. Fibre installers can lower the density of the blown wool by adjusting the material feed gate or air valve if they feel they are getting behind schedule during the day.

    • The bead installing vehicle is a silo on wheels and the density cannot be changed - it takes as long as it takes to fill the cavity to the correct density.​

    • We are increasingly extracting failed, faulty or incorrectly installed blown fibre and replacing with bonded bead funded either by an insurance policy or private paying customer.

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